All certified translations come with a coversheet that states that the document has been translated by an experienced and qualified professional translator and that the text reflects the content, meaning and format of the original.  The coversheet will be signed and come with digital stamp and date on professional letterhead.


Working with a professional and certified translation service provider like Cinch Translations helps ensure a 100% acceptance rate.  Your documents will be securely  handled by our team of experts who have years of experience in making your translation project a success.


We offer $23 per page for most major languages while providing fast and accurate translations.  The document will maintain the same formatting as the original to guarantee acceptance.  We also offer notary and apostille services if needed.

 A birth certificate is one of the most common documents needed for translation. Suppose you own a foreign birth certificate written in your native language, you may need to have it translated before you can use it for official and legal purposes. Translated birth certificates are often required in green card processes, visa requirements, college applications, legal proceedings, and many more.

Translation of birth certificates are mainly needed for immigration. The USCIS will require applicants to submit a copy of their foreign birth certificate and its certified English translation to verify their identity and country of citizenship. A certified translation of a document needs to have an accompanying certificate that attests to its content, meaning and accuracy. The certification also needs to include the date, name, and signature of the translator. This requirement is vital so that the USCIS can review an adjustment of status application.

Your birth certificate is one of your most important legal documents. If it requires translation, it must be accurate, correctly formatted, and as close to the original document as possible. Failing to meet these standards might give you the risk of having your document rejected, ultimately delaying the legal process. Cinch Translations has professional translators who will handle your document with care to make sure you can make your journey.