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A marriage certificate is not quite as important as it used to be as de facto marriages have become a more acceptable way of proving a relationship. However, if you are formally married, you will have a marriage certificate to prove it. The certificate states your full name, date of birth, date of marriage and who you are married too. If you are migrating to another country, you may be asked to provide a translation of your marriage certificate so that authorities know and understand the status of you and your spouse.

At Cinch Translations we guarantee to provide a marriage certificate translation that has been conducted by one of our translators and we offer translations in more than 90 languages. All our marriage certificate translators:

  • know both their mother tongue and a second language fluently
  • have gained 5 years’ experience in the translation field
  • have reached the required standard through our rigorous testing system

When do you need a marriage certificate?

The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USICS) is the U.S. agency responsible for assessing migration applications. If you have been offered a job by a U.S. employer or you have been given the chance to set up a business in the United States, you must undergo a vetting procedure with USCIS before you are given permission to enter the country. This is to ensure you have suitable qualifications and experience in the profession you intend to work in.

If your spouse is accompanying you, the USCIS will want to see your marriage certificate.  You will also need to provide birth certificates of all family members as well as your family’s passports just to name a few.

You will need a marriage certificate translation

The USCIS will only accept your passport without a translation. All other documents you provide, if they are not written in English, will need to be translated as well.  You may be fluent in English and your native language but the USCIS does not permit either you or any of your relatives to undertake any translations. Of course, you can proofread the translations before dispatching them to the USCIS. The method of translation demanded by the USCIS is very precise.

Our marriage certificate translation experts at Cinch Translation know the procedure when translating for USCIS. We always guarantee the accuracy of the translation and sign a statement in keeping with the requirements of the USCIS. It is absolutely essential to provide a word by word translation for the USCIS including any words embedded in a watermark or seal. If there are any words that are difficult to read it is important to write a side note on the translation to that effect.

Our translations have never been rejected by USCIS so we can guarantee your marriage certificate translation is safe in our hands.


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