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We have an experienced translator who can undertake technical translations in one of the 90 languages we cover at Cinch Translations. We define a technical translation as the translation of a document that is difficult for a layman to understand. All our technical translators have the relevant qualifications and the understanding of the subject-matter in their specialist technical areas. For example, if you need a translation of a medical report for immigration purposes we have experienced medical translators available in your language.

You will always get a quality technical translation from a technical translator when you hire our services. All our technical translators:

  • know both their mother tongue and a second language fluently
  • have gained 5 years’ experience in the translation field
  • have reached the required standard through our rigorous testing system.

The test we set is important because we know that each of our translators has surpassed a competency standard, showcasing their ability to research the right terminology for their specialized technical translation area as well as assuring they can meet deadlines and produce quality outcomes.

Each of our translators has access to our translation memory software so that they can create and update glossaries. This ensures their clients are satisfied that each technical translation is consistent in style and terminology and uses the jargon specific to them or their business. This is particularly important when translating industry specific products for a single business. Every business wants prospective customers to pick their company because they recognize the language used in manuals, warranties or product descriptions.  This is even more crucial in documents which have a large amount of high technical content or use industry-specific terminology.

Our technical translators put confidentiality first

Some of the technical translations we do may not necessarily become public information, so we safeguard your privacy at times. Our translators are required to sign a confidentiality statement so you know your technical documents are safely in our hands.

Over the last few years our technical translators have worked on a variety of different technical translations, including those covering the following:

  • Automotive manuals
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical products
  • Electronics and IT
  • Fire safety
  • Printing
  • Shipping
  • Energy

Each technical translation is fastidiously tailored to the target audience, whether it’s advertising a new model of car, a conformity certificate for a new model of fire extinguisher, import regulations for certain products entering an overseas country or agriculture and quarantine rules for plants, pets and livestock when they enter a new country from their country of origin.

As well as providing a technical translator for translating technical documents, our team of translators at Cinch Translations undertake professional translations of any type of document. We cater for all subject matter and language combinations. We translate insurance policies, financial reports, software user manuals, press releases, and aeroplane specifications.  These are just a few of our areas of expertise.

Give us a try and let us show what we can do for you. We look forward to being your trusted translation service provider!

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