All certified translations come with a coversheet that states that the document has been translated by an experienced and qualified professional translator and that the text reflects the content, meaning and format of the original.  The coversheet will be signed and come with digital stamp and date on professional letterhead.


Working with a professional and certified translation service provider like Cinch Translations helps ensure a 100% acceptance rate.  Your documents will be securely  handled by our team of experts who have years of experience in making your translation project a success.


We offer $23 per page for most major languages while providing fast and accurate translations.  The document will maintain the same formatting as the original to guarantee acceptance.  We also offer notary and apostille services if needed.

Document Translation Services

If you possess an important document that is written in your native language other than English, you will be required to submit the document in English when immigrating to the United States.  You may also need to have the document translated when using it in a court or applying to a university.  It is recommended that you use a reputable translation service with experience in translating these vital records to insure that the document will be accepted.

An individual who is fluent in both English and your language can do a general document translation.   The original document should accompany the translated document when processing your visa application. Even if you are bilingual or competent in both English and your native language, you are not permitted to translate the document yourself. Each word has to be accurately translated and each translation must be accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and completed to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability. The translator or translation company may then “certify” the translation.


Tips for document translation Services USCIS


  • For U.S. immigration purposes, any document which is not in English must be submitted with an English translation. The only exception is your passport.
  • The document has to be translated completely, which includes the text on any seals or stamps. If it is difficult to read, the translator is required to write a note saying it’s illegible.
  • The general document translation has to match the appearance of the document to be translated e.g., if an official seal is included, it should appear in exactly the same position of the page as it appears on the real document. 
  • If you are submitting the document in the U.S. to USCIS,  you do not need to get the translation notarized.  However, if you are submitting the document outside the USA to a US consulate or embassy it has to be notarized.

Choosing a certified translator for your document translation


 When you start the process of applying for a work visa or a green card in the U.S. and many of your documents are in another language apart from English, you will have to choose a translator that has experience in translating the proper subject matter. You want to be sure that the translation is accurate because it will provide vital information about you and your family.

If the government official handling your documentation finds any irregularities in the translation, you run the risk of getting your application delayed or denied.  There are many experienced general document translation agencies that have translators representing a wide variety of the world’s languages.  Be sure to pick the company that has the experience to translate your document fast and most importantly accurate.