All certified translations come with a coversheet that states that the document has been translated by an experienced and qualified professional translator and that the text reflects the content, meaning and format of the original.  The coversheet will be signed and come with digital stamp and date on professional letterhead.


Working with a professional and certified translation service provider like Cinch Translations helps ensure a 100% acceptance rate.  Your documents will be securely handled by our team of experts who have years of experience in making your translation project a success.


We offer $23 per page for most major languages while providing fast and accurate translations.  The document will maintain the same formatting as the original to guarantee acceptance.  We also offer notary and apostille services if needed.

Death Certificate Translation Services

There are times in the U.S. that you may need a death certificate translated if a death of a loved one has happened overseas and the certificate has been handed to you in a language that is not understood in your home country, whether it’s the United States or anywhere else.  Your spouse may have lost his or her life in an accident like a car crash or been the unfortunate victim of a violent robbery or simply fallen foul of a sudden health issue such as a heart attack. Whatever the reason for their death, you will need to provide evidence of the event in your country’s language when you arrive back home. You may need to access the contents of your loved one’s will or his or her bank account.

There may be insurance documents or bank loans that are in his or her name. Any employer will want evidence too. The organization responsible for these contracts with your loved one will need to cite a death certificates translation before any cash or assets will be released that are in that person’s name.


We provide the best translators

Once you have sent us the death certificate, we will select the best possible death certificate translator who will have had many years translating similar documents. If you need the translation for official purposes, we can have the document signed and stamped with our certification of accuracy.

This sort of certification is often required by official bodies in the United States. It provides the evidence to enable you to gain access to any assets held by your loved one in accordance with the will of the deceased or if the person died intestate, the laws of the state you and the deceased lived in before the death took place.