All certified translations come with a coversheet that states that the document has been translated by an experienced and qualified professional translator and that the text reflects the content, meaning and format of the original.  The coversheet will be signed and come with digital stamp and date on professional letterhead.


Working with a professional and certified translation service provider like Cinch Translations helps ensure a 100% acceptance rate.  Your documents will be securely  handled by our team of experts who have years of experience in making your translation project a success.


We offer $23 per page for most major languages while providing fast and accurate translations.  The document will maintain the same formatting as the original to guarantee acceptance.  We also offer notary and apostille services if needed.

Accurate Language Translation Services


It is common for anyone considering moving to the U.S. to live, work or study to provide a number of important documents for evaluation. If the originals are in anything other than English these are normally required to be translated as well as be accompanied by a certification which confirms that the translation is an accurate version of the original.

Accurate language translations of academic qualifications such as diplomas, certificates, degrees and transcripts of course content are needed for a variety of reasons. If you are applying to a college or university in the U.S. as an overseas student, or you are applying for a U.S. scholarship, academic qualifications demonstrating your suitability are always required.

Accurate Language Translations of these documents will also be needed if you intend applying for a professional job in the U.S. or apply for one of several visa types needed for short or long term stay in the U.S.

The translation of key academic qualifications is not just important for those whose language is not English. U.S. citizens and residents may also need accurate language  translations of their own diplomas and other documents if they wish to study, work or live overseas. It is just as likely that the authorities in the country they intend to go to will demand that a certificate or diploma in English is translated accurately and competently into the local language.


Why accuracy and honesty when translating


Educational institutions, employers and government agencies depend on the professionalism and honesty of the translation agency in order to be able to evaluate the suitability of academic qualifications. If there is any suggestion that the translator of these sorts of documents was anything other than impartial, then they may question their authenticity. At the very least, this may delay the process of evaluation. In the event that translations are found to contain errors it may even lead to your course, job or visa being terminated.


Don’t cut corners with the translation of important documents


There is an understandable temptation to cut down on the cost of translation of documents like diplomas and other academic qualifications. You may think you have a good enough command of English yourself, or know someone personally who you think could provide an accurate translation. It’s true that a document that has been translated professionally costs more, but in the long run it is worth paying the extra amount.

Professional translators are trained and experienced in academic qualifications of all types and endeavor to focus on accurate translations rather than an interpretation of what the qualification means. Professional translation agencies provide certifications that are recognized by official bodies.


Save translation costs by checking your documents before submitting them!


While professional translators are used to dealing with a variety of documents, errors may arise if documents are barely legible or have details that have been written on them. Try and make sure that your documents are as legible as possible, even if it means getting fresh documents from the authority that provides them, like a college or university in your home country.

Do you know exactly what you have to submit? Translation time is the main ingredient in the way translation costs are calculated, so if you submit unnecessary documents you will have to pay for them when you don’t need to.


How you can help translators help you


Some diplomas or educational and academic transcripts may include technical descriptions and acronyms which may be highly specific to the academic program or institution they are issued by. You can often help the translator and cut down their workload if you provide descriptors or explanations of any terms, abbreviations or acronyms that you think may be specific to the place you did your studies.