Certified Document Translation Services

There are many reasons why the demand for certified document translation services is growing. Translation in itself is in greater demand due to the globalisation of business and the increasing importance of online purchasing. But generally, even if documents  need to be translated, there is no need for them to be accompanied by a certification. The emphasis in business transactions and website development is on accuracy, localisation and speed of delivery.


Certified document translation services are much more in demand when people wish to move to another country and find that to do so they must present certain documents. This is most often the case when people want to obtain visas and other immigration authorization to take up a job, study, join family, set up a business, flee persecution or war, or even go to another country and live when retired.


Few countries, if any, these days allow unlimited entry past their borders. If anything the amount of exacting bureaucracy has got greater, if only because of the increased, perceived threat of terrorism. Immigration authorities world-wide want to check that you are not a threat to their own citizens and that your qualifications and personal background matches their requirements for admission.


A typical list of documents that may be requested for inspection is given below. It is quite normal for immigration authorities and others who have requested your documents to ask for them to be translated if they are not in the official language of the country you are seeking to enter. Certified document translation services are able to provide accurate translation of all important documents and provide certification if that is required, which it is often the case


Documents that might need to be certified after translation


  • birth certificates;
  • death certificates;
  • marriage certificates;
  • educational qualifications, including degrees, diplomas, certificates and transcripts;
  • employment records;
  • references and testimonials;
  • police clearances and criminal checks;
  • medical certificates and examinations on request.


What is meant by a certified document translation


If a document is needed and is in the same language as the one spoken and understood by the official who is inspecting or checking it, then the information on it can be verified straight away. There may still be a requirement for a certified copy rather than the original, but there should be no need for a certified translation.


The situation changes when the document or documents are in another language. The document is then more or less unintelligible until it is translated. The official checking of the document has to rely on the authenticity of the translation and that’s where the certification comes in. Because the document has been provided by a certified document translation service, this is enough to show that the translated version is an accurate and complete copy of the original.


It is wise to check the exact requirements if you have been asked for a certified document translation. It is likely you will need to have several documents translated so it is important that they are not rejected by the authorities who have requested them because the standard of translation or the way the certification has been carried out is not up to par.