Death Certificate Translation Services

Death certificates are important documents. Of course, they are not the sorts of documents that people keep, like other personal documents. Most adults may have in their possession a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, even a divorce certificate, but are unlikely to have a death certificate, but the issuing of such a certificate is still a very important matter.

From time to time, the presentation of a death certificate is needed for official business and it may be that the death certificate was issued in a language that cannot be understood where it is needed. Even if it is not mandatory to do so, there may be clearly an advantage in translating the death certificate into the language where it must be presented. Just like any other important official document, the translation must be an accurate record of the information on the certificate. That’s when Death Certificate Translation Services are needed.

Why death certificates are issued

Whenever anyone dies, the time of death, date of death and reason for the death must be recorded, together with the name and identity of the person who has died. There are few countries where death certificates are not routine procedure when someone dies. In most cases, the death certificate is made out by a person of medical authority who has the recognized ability to determine the cause of death. In the usual situation where someone dies in a hospital or at home, a doctor or other medical professional will sign the death certificate as long as the cause of death has been determined. In a minority of cases, a Coroner, or equivalent, will attempt to determine the cause of death and then a death certificate can be issued. For example, if someone has been murdered or killed in an accident, or is found drowned after a flood, there will be an autopsy and the cause of death will be determined.

In a very small number of cases, the cause of death may never be determined. Some people disappear altogether and it is never known whether they have died or are still alive. In these cases, death certificates cannot be issued.

When a death certificate is used

A death certificate is of most use when inheritance is involved. A will cannot be acted on unless the person who had the will made up has officially died. The death certificate is legal proof that this is the case, which allows probate to take place and the will to be acted on.

Why is there a need for death certificate translation services?

Death Certificate Translation Services are most needed when the question of inheritance is dealt with in another country other than the one where the person died whose estate is to be distributed. This is common these days when migration for all sorts of reasons has led to people establishing new lives far away from their original home.

Death certificates may need to be examined by a family attorney before a will can be executed. There may be debts involved which need to be dealt with. Property may need to be sold on behalf of the deceased’s estate. Business dealings may need to be brought to a close and insurance policies cancelled. If there was an accident which led to the person’s death and negligence involved, there may be legal action to be taken against the party at fault, if this can be determined. Legal action across language borders is not easy unless effective translation services are available.