Academic Transcript Certified Translation

It is essential that any Academic Transcript Certified Translation is absolutely accurate; otherwise, the translator may lose his or her reputation if errors are found. Also it won’t be accepted by the person or organization who has asked for the translation in the first place. A certified translation is when the translator has signed a statement and attached to the translation vouching that it is an accurate translation of the document.

Who is qualified to do an academic transcript certified translation?


In the United States in particular when a translation is done of any type of document there is no law stating that the translator should have any qualifications. This makes it difficult for clients seeking translations to decide what translator is competent enough to perform a good translation. This can apply to important legal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates and diploma, degree and academic transcripts.

How to get an accurate academic transcript certified translation


The easiest way to get a reliable translation is to find an experienced translator who has evidence to prove that the translations he or she has completed are perfect. Most translators who value their ability to do translations are those who are prepared to certify all the translations they do. This should include academic transcripts. You should choose a translator who has testimonials to prove that the client was satisfied with the translation. Once you have done this then you can be assured that you will get an accurate Academic Transcript Certified Translation.


Who requests an academic transcript certified translation?


There are several institutions which may request a certified translation of an academic transcript. The main ones will be colleges and universities who accept students from overseas whose qualifications are written in a language other than English. They firstly need a transcript of the course that the applicant has studied overseas which allows them to meet the entry requirements into a U.S. educational institution. They then need the transcript to be translated into English by a translator who is prepared to certify the translation. Often they won’t accept transcripts of academic qualifications that haven’t been certified as they will not know if the translation is accurate.

The second body that often requests an academic transcript certified translation is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). If a person is seeking to work in the United States the USCIS will want to be certain that the applicant has the qualifications required for the job. They require that all translations be certified. If this isn’t done the applicants application will either be delayed or rejected.

Before a person applies for a work visa for entry into the United States he or she must ask the USCIS exactly which documents they want certified. This simplifies the application process in the long term as all the required documents can be sent to the translator at the same time and be translated and certified. This includes an Academic Transcript Certified Translation.