Corporate Translation Services

Few of the world’s largest corporations exist in a language bubble. Even medium sized corporations have long become accustomed to using corporate translation services. Think of the corporations that have become household names. They have a presence right around the world. Some of them have done so for decades. Coca Cola, for example has been marketed, manufactured, bottled, canned and sold in nearly every country in the world for years. There is no way that Coca Cola could have become so universally recognized and marketed without the use of effective corporate translation services.

There are so many well known corporations that use Corporate Translation Services that one tends to forget that there are many corporations that are not so well known, yet still have a need for translation services. Everyone knows about Amazon, but how many outside China know about Alibaba? Both are online stores that advertise on the internet and sell their goods worldwide. Check the websites out. They are both available in multiple languages. These are busy sites and need updating all the time. Website maintenance and sales need a very efficient translation team.

What do corporate translation services actually translate?

The scope of corporate translation is immense. The diversity of the world’s corporations is so huge, that it is impossible to generalize about the sort of translation services that any one corporation might need. Some corporations are more internationally based than others.

These are some of the tasks that corporate translation services might tackle on a regular basis:

  • brand recognition;
  • business correspondence;
  • corporate websites;
  • emails;
  • legal documents, such as contracts, copyright agreements and licenses;
  • marketing material;
  • product descriptions and manuals;
  • technical information.

Diversity of corporate translation specializations

Multinational corporations will have bases in many different countries and it is likely that most of the communication taking place within the regional base will be in the language spoken in that country. Most corporate bases will have an in-house translation team that deals with much of the translation needs. A team is necessary because of the need for specialized translation. There will be legal translators, technical translators, marketing translators and so on.

Businesses that are emerging and growing are likely to be testing the international market for the first time at some point. This is when the need for effective translation first becomes apparent. It is easy to make mistakes in these early stages. It might be recognized that translation is important, but it may not be acknowledged that it represents a considerable cost and must be carefully budgeted for. The temptation to use shortcuts at this stage must be resisted. Penetration of a new market overseas or the establishment of a new base in a different part of the world is serious business and translation needs are best met by employing professional translators.

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