Certified Document Translation Services

Document translation services are very popular these days as more and more people either market their products to different language groups or want to go and live in another country where the language isn’t the same as their own. In both these 2 situations there are key documents that need to be translated into the targeted language.

Translating documents for overseas trade

There are a number of different documents that need translating when it comes to promoting a product overseas and they include:

  • sales invoices
  • quotations
  • user manuals
  • price lists
  • warranty cards.

All these documents need to be easy to read in the targeted languages so that no misunderstandings can take place, resulting in possible lawsuits if the purchaser fails to understand how to use the product correctly.  This means hiring a competent technical translator who belongs to a certified document translation service. That is one that has been given a 5 star rating for the quality of its translations.

Another reason a business may want to translate key documents is if it intends to set up business in another country.

Migrating to another country

Many countries these days demand that documents which have been translated into their language from another need to be certified by the translator who did the translation. This is so they have some sort of certainty that the translation matches the information in the source document. The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) is one such agency that demands all translated documents are certified by the translator responsible for the translation. This means the translator has to write a statement saying the document has been accurately translated. The sorts of documents that are often required by the USCIS are birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree and diploma certificates, police clearance that are not written in English and references from past employers.

It’s not always that easy to find document translation services that have suitable translators willing to certify their work. You need to find the best possible translator if you are submitting your translated documents to the USCIS for consideration as part of your application to work in the United States.

If there are any errors in your translations your whole application will be delayed until you have provided error free translations of the documents you have been required to send in support of your application. Any delay could mean a lost opportunity for you as your prospective employer may choose someone else instead of you if your start date has been delayed because you didn’t provide accurately translated documents.

You are not allowed to do the translations yourself, even if you are fluent enough in English to be able to understand whether the translation is accurate. So you should check your translator’s work from the certified document translation service to make sure it’s of a higher enough standard to be accepted by the USCIS.