Certified Translation Services for Immigration

The worldwide movement of labor and goods has created a globalized world where people try to communicate effectively with each other so as to maximize their opportunities. Along with these changes has come an increase in the number of certified translation services for immigration.

Globalization means companies need to establish themselves in key countries throughout the world. Big industries need the best talent to complement their work force so in many cases such talent may be in short supply in the country where their business is based. As a result they may have to bring in talent from overseas. All immigrants, whether for a temporary visa such as the H1-B skilled visa, or for longer term visas, if their language is not English, will need to get all their official documents translated into English if they are applying for jobs in English speaking countries like the United States.

The sorts of documents that may need translated will depend on the situation of the applicant but could be:

  • passports
  • marriage and divorce certificates
  • birth certificates
  • adoption papers
  • death certificates
  • academic transcripts and diplomas
  • medical records and
  • drivers’ licenses

If you are one of those lucky ones who are fluent in English and you have been offered the chance of working in the U.S., you are not allowed to do your own translations of official documents. You must get someone else who is a competent translator from your language into English to perform the translation on your behalf. If you fail to do this you limit your chances of your application being successful and any chance of working overseas will be dashed.

Most immigration departments such as the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) have strict standards that you and your selected certified translation services for immigration must follow.

One of the main rules is that all translations must be certified by the translator to say they are accurate and a true translation of the original document. This is an important part of the application process for immigration and failure to provide an accurate translation could have serious consequences for the applicant applying for immigration.

There is nothing worse than hiring certified translation services for immigration which is not competent to do the job. However, it’s easy to ensure that this isn’t done by checking the credentials of the company first and making sure it has a suitable translator who is competent to translate your documents into English. There are many ways of checking how good a translator is and that’s by looking closely at the translation service’s website to check for feedback of satisfied customers. Also, if you know of someone in the same boat as you, that person may be able to recommend a good translation  company like Cinch Translations which has built up a great reputation for high quality translation work in more than 90 languages. In the end you will be rewarded when you get your immigration application approved and you are able to start a new life in another country.