Death Certificate Translation

Death certificates have their place in life, even if they are not exactly cheerful things to consider. The reality is that when someone in the family dies, it is important that their death has been documented and recorded, even if the cause of the death is well understood by close family members. Death certificates have the same role in society as birth certificates. Just like birth certificate document established the arrival in the world of a new human being, a death certificate documents the disappearance of a human being.

Death certificates contain key information about the death that may be useful to somebody at some point in the future. They contain the person’s name, their age, the time and date of death as well as the cause of death.

Why a death certificate translation is important

A death certificate translation is as important in many ways as the death certificate itself. Translations of official documents like death and birth certificates are necessary whenever you move to another country to settle and the main language is different from that of your original home country. Some documents must be translated in order to satisfy immigration departments or employers, but death certificates are not usually on the list of required documents. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (U.S.C.I.S.), for instance, will need to see documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, qualifications, police reports and certificates, but does not need to see death certificates.

Death certificates may be needed if there is a question about inheritance, distribution of assets, divorce and re-marriage. This is just as likely to happen if you migrate to another country and settle there as it is if you stay in your own home country. If a situation like an inheritance has to be sorted out after you have moved to the U.S., who has been named in the will is obviously important.

An example of the value of a death certificate translation

Imagine that you are named as one of the heirs of an amount of money, assets or property, but there are several people also named.

The legal process of sorting out an inheritance when you are in a different country with a different language than where the inheritance was made can cause messy problems. Are all the people named in the will actually still alive? Wills normally go through probate and although the process is not exactly the same in every country in the world, basically the process is similar. Probate determines who is still able to accept the benefits of a will. Death certificates are critical in determining who is still alive and help to speed up the process of probate and the disbursement of a will. When there are lingering doubts about the whereabouts of beneficiaries, the inheritance can be prolonged for many years.

Use a professional translator for all official documents

Even if a death certificate translation may not be essential for immigration or for most normal reasons why other certificate translations are needed, when they are required, there is an absolute need for them to be done professionally. As with other official documents, death certificates should be accompanied by a certificate of confirmation by the translator that the translation is an accurate version of the original. For all official translation requirements, use Cinch Translations. Our professional translators have an enviable record for accuracy and provide a very competitive death certificates translation service to all who need it.