Death Certificate Translation Services

The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) normally doesn’t ask for a death certificate translation unless you have been married to someone and they have died and you have kept their name and you need proof of your name and its origin.  . However, if you live in the U.S. you may have to get a death certificate translated if your husband or wife has died overseas and the death certificate has been written out in a language other than English. This is when it’s important to hire death certificate translation services

Your partner may have been involved in an accident such as an airplane or car crash or even been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was violently assaulted leading to loss of life. Whatever caused the death, at some point you will be approached for the death certificate. Whether it’s in relation to inheritance, life insurance or superannuation, there is always some authority who will ask you for it before any administration can take place.

There could be bank loans or credit card debts that need settling. Before you will be able to access your deceased spouses’ accounts you will need to provide the original death certificate and if it was written in a country that doesn’t have English as its native Language you will have to seek help from death certificate translation services. It’s important that the translation is perfectly accurate otherwise anyone citing the document not release funds or give permission for you to take over the financial affairs of your now deceased partner.

Translating accurately is important

Because a death certificate is a legally binding document an accurate translation is very important. The translation needs to be word for word as this is the only way accuracy can be guaranteed.

Cinch Translations has built up a reputation, for high quality translations completed by its team of translators who cover up to 90 global languages.

All death certificate translators:

  • are M.A. and PhD qualified in their respective pair languages;
  • are competent in their own mother tongue and a 2nd language;
  • are in possession of at least 5 years’ translation experience;
  • have attained the necessary standard as determined by the death certificate translation services

The best translators do the best job

If you require the translation of the death certificate for an official body like a bank or insurance company you can ask for a signed statement from the translator and the best translators are always prepared to oblige.

Official bodies in the U.S. often ask for a signature and a statement by the translator before they are prepared to accept a death certificate as a true translation. This may depend on the state where you live as each one may have different rules regarding such requirements. Whatever the reasons for requiring death certificate translation services, there is nothing better than being assured of getting the best translation than by using a translator from Cinch Translations