Document Translation Services

Documents come in all shapes and forms and for a variety of different purposes but you will only need document translation services if some documents you have in your possession need to be cited or read by someone who will not understand the language of the document. The documents could include:


  • contracts for a company abroad;
  • patents for a product produced overseas;
  • warranties for goods sold in a country other than the country where the product was manufactured;
  • terms and conditions when hiring out cars to people in a country that doesn’t speak their language;
  • affidavits required for court cases;
  • degree certificates and diplomas for immigration, study and employment purposes;
  • divorce certificates showing name change;
  • birth certificates;
  • marriage certificates.


If any of the above documents have to be read and comprehended by someone who doesn’t understand the language the documents are written, it will be necessary to get them translated into that person’s or authority’s language. This is particularly important if the document like a contract needs a signature. No one will ever sign a document that can’t be understood clearly.  Also a prospective employer would never take on an employee if the requirements of the job are not met such as possessing a suitable qualification that proves that the applicant is skilled and competent to do the job. A court, without a doubt, would not accept any affidavit, except one that is written in the language spoken in the court. That means a document translation services will be required to perform an accurate translation.


Globalization means more translations


There is no immigration authority around the world that would accept important documents if they can’t be understood, because they have not been translated into the language of that country.  Today with the increase in the movement of people throughout the world whether for holiday purposes, business or employment reasons any documents likely to be encountered need to be available in the language of these people as you can’t expect everyone to be multilingual and be able to read every document that is put in front of them.


Even such simple things as hotel rules or receipts given to guests should be translated into the languages of the guests. Failing to do so could lead to arguments and misunderstandings that could ruin the relationships between the hotel guest and the manager. Similarly, if someone is called to attend court in Mexico following a vehicle accident and that person has witnesses’ reports that were written by English speaking passengers, these should be translated into Spanish, otherwise the court may not recognize them as valid forms of evidence. It will be necessary to hire a translator from a reputable document translation services like Cinch Translations, who know everything there is to know about document translations and can undertake a suitable translation of witnesses’ reports and other documents with an understanding of the nuances used in the two languages and how they should be translated.