Birth Certificate Translation

When you were born a birth certificate would have been provided to document your arrival in this world. It’s a legal document and you will find as you get older you will need to present your birth certificate as a form of identity to confirm your date of birth. If you don’t know where it is you may be able to use your passport instead, as this is a Legal Document too.

The need for a birth certificate translation if you work overseas

If you wish to go overseas and work in a country whose national language is not the same as your own you may be asked to provide translations of key documents to confirm who you are. A birth certificate translation may be needed if you wish to get a tax number or sign up to health and pension scheme while you are working overseas. Even if many people speak your language in the country you intend to work in it doesn’t mean they will easily understand the detail in a birth certificate, especially if the layout and formatting are different from their own.

A birth certificate translation is required if you wish to work in the United States

If you have applied for a job in the United States and you have been selected to take up the position, there are other hurdles to leap over before you can finally touch down on the country’s shores. You will have to fill in a pile of forms, some online, while others have to be sent in their paper form with your signature. If you have any documents that have not been written in English you will have to get a Certified Translation of the document before your application will be considered.

The very first document is the birth certificate translation. This translation will need to be done by an experienced translator who has a thorough understanding of the language used in birth certificates. The way a birth certificate is presented varies between countries, even between countries who share the same language like the U.S. and Britain. So it’s not good enough to choose a translator who understands a pair languages well you will need to go one step further and find one that understands the language of birth certificates and has plenty of experience of birth certificate translation that are presented in the same way as yours.

Birth certificate translation to get a driver’s license

When the time has come to get your driver’s license for the first time, you will need your birth certificate translation to prove who you are and when you were born. This is if you were born outside of the country that allows you to have a driver’s license and your birth certificate is written in a language that your host country doesn’t speak.  Unless you have your own passport this is the only unique document that can identify you.

You may think that your birth certificate can be replaced if lost. Even though this can be done it’s a slow process so it’s a good idea to keep it in a safe place along with your birth certificate translation for the day when you will really need it.